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Think Clever Podcast

Aug 17, 2019

We are living in a society that is constantly on the go. Stress and pressure have become so entrenched into our daily lives that when we finally get a moment to breathe, we feel inadequate because it feels like we must be occupied at all times. But what if you gave yourself the permission to stop for a moment and check-in with yourself?

In this episode of Think Clever podcast, Sura Al-Naimi and Stas Arsonov guide you on how to create a mindset of abundance that will transform your life. They give you unique ways to find peace and balance in your life. How do you find peace with the constant pressure of being on the go? How do you get out of chasing the next best thing and see what’s truly important to you? How can you engage with newness to spark creativity? These are just some of the fundamental questions that Sura and Stas address in this interview.