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Think Clever Podcast

Jan 31, 2020

There is immeasurable value in surrendering to the mystery of the Universe and recognizing that sweet spot when we stop digging and start letting go.

In this episode of the Think Clever Podcast, Sabrina Bolin – a soul alignment coach, reveals how tapping into your intuition and trusting your subconscious mind can attract transformations that you desire in your life.

We share valuable techniques to cultivate good habits. Our identity is linked to our habits, thoughts, and behaviors that we routinely connect with on autopilot; this is why it's essential to create practices that support both – our spiritual and personal growth.

Thanks to our friends at Intelligent Change (, we have a few Five-Minute Journals to gift so you can launch your gratitude practice to the next level in 2020. Please rate, review, and comment on Apple Podcast and follow us on Instagram @think.clever to receive your free journal.

Also, if you want to connect with Sabrina and learn more about her, you can follow her on Instagram @thesabrinabolin or you can go to her website