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Think Clever Podcast

Sep 12, 2019

When you walk into a grocery store, the amount of options available is overwhelming. You want to eat healthy, but you don’t even know where to start. In this episode of Think Clever Podcast, Dara Sloan takes you through her grocery shopping experience to help you make an informed decision about what you are putting into your body. She identifies some of the most toxic ingredients that have plagued the food markets. After tending to this life-changing conversation, you will know what ingredients to run away from, how to properly embark on the journey of cleansing without feeling fatigued and discontent, how to set sustainable long-term goals and realign yourself if you get off track, and how to break free of limiting beliefs. If you apply the received knowledge, I guarantee that you will be unstoppable. 

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Insta: @health_coach_dara

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