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Think Clever Podcast

Sep 10, 2019

What if you could wake up every day feeling energized, unstoppable, and connected to your mind, body, and soul?

In this episode of the Think Clever Podcast, Stas is joined by a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach – Dara Sloan. Dara has spent the past five years coaching people on nutrition, lifestyle, and stress management techniques. She is a graduate of the Institute for Integrated Nutrition (IIN) where she studied practical lifestyle management and over 100 dietary theories.

Dara and Stas discuss the foundation of the holistic approach to health and life, and how to optimize your overall wellbeing. They talk about learning the most from imbalance and approaching the day with the right mindset. Dara and Stas recollect the transformative impact having a personal development coach had on their lives.

Don’t wait for tomorrow to start making changes!

Dara Sloan website:
Insta: @health_coach_dara

Think Clever website:
Insta: @think.clever